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Reviving Communication: WIKS After Florence


In September 2018, Hurricane Florence made its way toward the East Coast of the United States, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Among the areas significantly affected was New Bern, North Carolina, where devastating flooding wreaked havoc on homes, businesses, and crucial communication infrastructure. In the aftermath of the storm, the need to rebuild and restore essential services became paramount.

The Impact of Hurricane Florence:

Hurricane Florence was a formidable force of nature, bringing heavy rainfall and massive flooding to New Bern and its surroundings. The flooding led to severe damage of the studios and building.

Flooding in New Bern NC

Installing New Infrastructure:

One of the first steps in the recovery process was to establish a robust networking infrastructure that could support both local and emergency broadcasts. This required careful planning, including:

  • Assessment: We assessed the extent of damage to existing networking equipment and identified areas that needed immediate attention.
  • Installation: It took several days to install all the cabling, crimp ends, and test all cables.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing and quality assurance measures were conducted to guarantee the reliability and performance of the network and new equipment

Introducing Wheatstone Equipment:

In addition to the cabling work, I integrated advanced Wheatstone equipment into the broadcasting setup. Wheatstone’s reputation for cutting-edge technology and reliability made it the perfect choice for my restoration efforts. The Wheatstone equipment enabled me to:

  • Quickly setup and configure new studios.
  • Enhance operator experiences and usability
  • Implement redundancy and backup systems to mitigate future disruptions.


The restoration journey of the Curtis Media studios, while not extensively documented, was a testament to the urgency and determination to swiftly recover and strengthen our communication capabilities. In the face of adversity, the primary objective was to get the studios back up and running, serving the community that relies on them.

Today, I take immense pride in knowing that the studios stand stronger than ever, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. The collective effort to restore and enhance these studios has not only revived communication but has also elevated there capabilities to new heights.

While the challenges faced during those critical days may not be fully captured in documentation, the enduring spirit of resilience and the commitment to delivering quality broadcasts remain at the core of our mission.

As I look ahead, the Curtis Media studios are poised to continue serving the community with excellence and dedication, and I am honored to have played a part in this journey of renewal and growth.

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