Past Projects, a former minecraft server, has discontinued its server operations. Several factors contributed to this decision, with a significant aspect being the alterations made to the End User License Agreement (EULA) by Microsoft after their acquisition of Mojang. Additionally, public sentiment towards servers like played a role in this resolution.

The inception of Legitplay dates back to its origins as a Bukkit server hosted at BestNode under the name “” This initial incarnation was a small whitelisted server with a semi-vanilla gameplay approach, fostering a vibrant community where even the spawn area was constructed by players. It is worth mentioning that my players skin represents the individual responsible for creating the original spawn for; regrettably, I am unable to recall this individual’s name.

In subsequent stages of development, Legitplay introduced the Red, Green, and Blue servers, and during this period, the servers migrated to OVH. Each server attracted its own community, consisting of new players, seasoned members, and trusted participants. Notably, the trusted players’ server did not employ chest locking mechanisms or protections. During this growth phase, SpigotMC emerged, further expanding the horizons of Legitplay.

Legitplay managed four dedicated servers, three exclusively for Minecraft and one designated for miscellaneous functions such as MySQL databases and backups. At its zenith, the server witnessed player counts exceeding 400 on several occasions. The server prioritized the quality of gameplay and actively supported open-source software by releasing all of its plugins under open-source licenses. Furthermore, Legitplay provided financial backing to projects such as The support system was highly responsive, with a dedicated website for billing inquiries. While Legitplay did offer items and ranks for sale, revenue primarily went towards covering the substantial OVH hosting expenses, with a significant portion allocated to donations supporting SpigotMC, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and other non-profit organizations Legitplay endorsed.

Controversially, Legitplay functioned as a cracked/offline server, permitting players to access Minecraft without purchasing the game. This choice stemmed from the founder’s initial experience with the game through a cracked version, and an independent authentication system was developed for the servers. This authentication system was also released under open-source licenses.

Legitplay extended its services to host servers for other networks, mostly catering to smaller entities and providing bungee services to enhance Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection. There were plans to expand this offering, but OVH subsequently implemented its DDoS protection measures, rendering them sufficient for Minecraft servers.

Noteworthy projects initiated by Legitplay included hosting one of the largest Spigot mirrors, equipped with automatic version building capabilities. Following a request from md_5, the creator of Spigot, the Spigot mirror was dismantled, and the domain ownership was transferred to md_5.

It is essential to clarify that Legitplay’s logos, names, and intellectual property are freely available for use by others, provided there is no false claim of being the original Any attempts to misrepresent as the original will be challenged, and there is no risk of the Legitplay domain expiring. Legitplay, as a community-driven project, is not available for sale and will remain in the realm of community ownership.

Notable members who contributed significantly to Legitplay include Vik1395, who played a crucial role in Java programming, KookieMons7er and felicia1634, who were versatile contributors, and Outsiders.
Additionally, md_5, joehot200, and codename_b were notable figures outside the Legitplay community.

Numerous individuals, including staff members and contributors, made substantial contributions to the evolution of Legitplay, and while not everyone can be listed here, their collective efforts were instrumental in shaping the server’s legacy.

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