If your looking for hosting check out ExtraVM, Run by some awesome spigot members.  Link

Legitplay.net ceased hosting its servers, many factors lead up to this closing, a large portion of this chose was due to the EULA changes that microsoft put in place after buying mojang. But also due to the general community opinions on servers like legitplay.net.
Legit play operated 4 dedicated servers at its peak with player counts over 400 a few times. Focused on quality of game play legitplay was a large supporter of opensorce software pluishing all of its plug ins under open source licenses and even finacnualy supporting projects like spigotmc.org
Tho consoveral legitplay operated as a cracked/Offline server allowing players to connect without buying the game. This was a choice due to myself first playing the game on a cracked copy.
Legitplay also hosted servers for other networks, most small, and bungees for small servers to gain ddos protection. At its best time legitplay cost over 480USD a month in servers form OVH.
A few projects had been taken on by legitplay its practically no secret that legitplay hosted one of the largest spigot mirrors after the DCMA and even built spigots spawn for the beta servers.

Legitplays logos and names are free to use, just don’t claim to be legitplay.net or the orginal and il take no offence to useing the name.

Notable members include

Vik1395 – Main Java programing
KookieMons7er & felicia1634 – Damn near everything
md_5 – This guy is legion
joehot200 – A guy who truly loved the game, and community.
codename_b – Never involved much directly with legitplay, but we actually first knew one and other form web proxy’s years earlier.