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PHProxyImproved originated as a high school project, emerging as a derivative of the original PHProxy codebase. It should be noted that PHProxyImproved has ceased active development and is available for forking under the GNU General Public License.

Initially hosted on the now-defunct Google Code platform, an archival representation of the project can still be accessed at

For those interested in obtaining PHProxyImproved, the repository can be found at, or it can be forked by other contributors on GitHub.

It is important to acknowledge that PHProxyImproved exhibits suboptimal coding practices. It is worth mentioning that my initiation into PHP programming was through this project, and it was not designed to garner the level of usage it eventually received. While there are no publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities to the best of my knowledge, upon reflection, it is evident that numerous established best practices were not adhered to during its development. Consequently, I cannot endorse the continued use of this software.

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