This is an interesting radio that can be found vary cheap on ebay or amazon. Its a 16 channel, 400-520 MHZ radio and charges with a USB port on the side of the radio.

Its programmed over the headphone/mic jack with a “baofang” type cable and dose come reprogramming with 16 test channels. I used chirp with the radio, WLN is listed (the radios logo may say nlw its just backwards) but you can use the factory software at : Download

Over all the radio is not as bad as you would expect for $15 audio is clean, and the microphone is better then the Baofang 888s and lacks any part 90, 95 or 97. The range also is a factor in this radio, the smaller antenna makes the radio suffer in range, If your close to a repeater how ever this radio should work fine. it dose support shift on transmit along with DPL and PL tones.

An interesting note with the factory software is the file at C:\Program Files (x86)\KD-C1\config.ini
This seems to define the high and low programmable frequency a HackADay.io tare-down shows the radio has some of the hardware to do 134MHz-174MHz, 200MHz-260MHz, and 400MHz-520MHz its unlikely to transmit there, but it may pick up a signal that is strong.

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