Why WebIron is a load of crap

Disclaimer: This is my own personal view on WebIron.com
I currently run 1 tor node, that’s it and its only for a hobby. Its not nearly as bad as many claim and I rarely have any problems with it. That is until this company called WebIron started sending me emails, like “You are receiving this e-mail in regard to abuse issues against our clients coming from the host at IP” Claiming that

“By refusing to take action to stop attacks originating from your proxies it can make you legally responsible to international law as well as laws in most regions (IE EU) as it shows a willingness to facilitate further attacks.”

The thing is, Id be more then happy to try and help out some one who is getting attacked, Id block the IP address (not that that would help) but it would be something. The reason I cant do this is they only provide a /24 of the abused IP, So id have to randomly block 256 IP’s to in this case QuadraNet this could block 1000’s of websites unrelated to any abuse. This is like a saying you have to shut down a tor node after ANY abuse or your “willing” to accept more. This also ignores the DCMA act that clearly sates “Section 512(a) protects service providers who are passive conduits from liability for copyright infringement, even if infringing traffic passes through their networks.”

Lets look at some more crazy claims they make. On this page they make a bold claim of

“Tor Exits – Represents almost 97% of all chronic proxied attacks”


“Essentially +99.5% of all Tor traffic (where Tor was not explicitly dropped by configuration) was found to commit some blockable offense.”

We all know this is a load of crap, but they further confirm this with there Web Abuse leader board. At this time only 18% of blocks are TOR this is far lower then the claimed “97%” of chronic abuse and makes no logical since if all your abuse is due to tor exit nodes, a website could easily filter its 97% out by just blocking tor nodes with the publicly available list. Further they try to make some wild claim that a guy who gives a mask to a bank rober is responsible for the robbery. Id urge you to go read that post and have a laugh.

The hole is further dug with with a statement of why don’t they block them, and its blamed on how it would slow down the severs and add unneeded lookups, but then they argue that tor should build this in…. Apparently not caring about the added resources it would require to pull their list or the added complexity of implementing it but at the same time using that as a defense as to why they cant add it them self.

Il, End this rant with this: I do take abuse seriously if you can prove abuse and give me the IP, I will block it. I will NOT range block IP’s unless you own the range.

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