If your looking for hosting check out ExtraVM, Run by some awesome spigot members.  Link

Legitplay.net ceased hosting its servers, many factors lead up to this closing, a large portion of this choice was due to the EULA changes that Microsoft put in place after buying Mojang. But also due to the general community opinions on servers like legitplay.net.

Legitplay started life as a bukkit server hosted at bestnode called mcserver.info , this was a small whitelisted server, semi-vanilla in gameplay. A good community grew out of this and even the spawn was player built. My skin is actually of the player who built the original skin for mcserver.info, Unforunity I do not remember the name of this player.

Later in life, red, green, and blue servers were born, around this time the servers moved to OVH and each server had its own group of players, new players, matured players, and then trusted players. The trusted player’s server did not even have chest locking. Shortly after this growth spigotmc was born and legitplay exploded into much more

Legitplay operated 4 dedicated servers, 3 servers for Minecraft, and one for everything else, MySQL, backups, etc. At its peak with player counts over 400 a few times. Focused on quality of gameplay legitplay was a large supporter of opensource software publishing all of its plug-ins under open source licenses and even financially supporting projects like spigotmc.org. Support tickets were answered quickly and there was even a phone number for billing questions. Legitplay did sell items and ranks but the OVH bill would often top $500 and income would be maybe $700-800 much of this was donated to spigotmc, EFF, and other non-profits legitplay used and supported.

Tho controversial legitplay operated as a cracked/Offline server allowing players to connect without buying the game. This was a choice due to myself first playing the game on a cracked copy, and its own auth system was built for the servers. This was also published under open source licenses.

Legitplay also hosted servers for other networks, most small, and bungees for small servers to gain DDOS protection there were plans to expand this into something bigger for servers, but around this time OVH added its own ddos protection that worked well enough for minecraft servers.

A few projects had been taken on by legitplay its practically no secret that legitplay hosted one of the largest spigot mirrors, this was set up with automatic building of new versions. This site was requested by md_5 to be removed and the domain to be his. This requested was honored and the site was closed.

Legitplays logos and names are free to use, just don’t claim to be legitplay.net or the original and il take no offense to you using the name, any attempts to claim to be the original will be countered and the domain is under no risk of expiring. None of Legitplays branding, Maps, or projects are for sale, and will never be sold. Legitplay is not mine to sell, it was a community project, and it’s not going to be sold off to the highest bidder.

Notable members include

Vik1395 – Main Java programing
KookieMons7er & felicia1634 – Damn near everything
md_5 – This guy is legion
joehot200 – A guy who truly loved the game, and community.
codename_b – Never involved much directly with legitplay, but we actually first knew one and other form web proxy’s years earlier.

There are a lot more people who helped with legitplay in ways that helped evolve the server, if you’re not listed here, you were likely still a huge part of legitplay there’s countless staff, people who helped build things and so much more that I just couldn’t list them all.

LegitPlay Whitelist Server:

IP: Play.legitPlay.net

Discord: https://discord.gg/xBTQ9JnM

DynMap: http://play.legitplay.net:8080/

To get whitelisted (for free) send an email to jeff142@legitplay.net
Include your IGN and a few words on your experience in Minecraft, It does not need to be a book.

Plugins –
WorldEdit – Only used for Logblock to get some added things
WorldBorder – World boarder is 5K, And may expand if needed
ServerRestorer – Makes map backups
LuckPerms – Handels Permissons
LogBlock – Greffer rollback
EssentialsXSpawn – Allows spawn
EssentialsX – TPA MGS ETC
DynMap – Web Map
BuyCraft – Whitelist adding

Rules –
I hate making a big list of rules, it’s just not fun so I’m not going to,
If you need a big list of rules on what you can and can’t do this likely isn’t a server for you.
The basic rule is to just get along, don’t do things viewed as bad, and your fine.

Commands –

Vanilla Tweaks –

armor statues v2.8.1.zip
custom nether portals v2.3.2.zip
double shulker shells v1.3.0.zip
item averages v1.3.0.zip
multiplayer sleep v2.5.2.zip
silence mobs v1.1.0.zip
Spawning spheres v1.1.0.zip
unlock all recipes v2.0.0.zip
wandering trades v1.4.0.zip

Donations –

Donations are accepted, PayPal@LegitPlay.net you will in turn for a donation of any amount get a warm fuzzy feeling of helping the server pay its hosting cost, no other perks are offered at this time.

A note about bugs –
LegitPlay does not flat out block the duplication of blocks, in some cases, it may even be allowed (like the TNT dupe), However, it’s strongly recommended you ask around for the community feelings on any task that uses these before doing them.
LegitPlay is aware of the LogBlock/CoreProtect dupe, Don’t waste your time, we know about it and will find you doing it.
Breaking of bedrock is aloud.
Carpet/Rail dupe is NOT aloud

Please report any problems you have to jeff142@legitplay.net