A Fake Kenwood TK-3000

A fake kenwood TK-3000 I bought on ebay.

The Fake Kenwood ($50) next to the well known boafang 888 ($7)

I found this radio listed on ebay for $50, it was listed as a 2 channel UHF handheld radio and seemed like a good fit for my GMRS repeater, So i got the radio. Fast forward a week and it shows up.

First thing I notice out of the box, is it just dose not feel right. it feels cheap and like the boafang 888 uhf radio (it is) so I pulled up the FCC info on this radio


The radio I was sent clearly dose not match the FCC certifcation photos

First few odd things, the antenna has the frequncy listed on it just like boafang radios have it. Not what id expect form a kenwood radio but maybe just the antenna was replaced. No big deal.

Every boafang antenna has this on it, the longer one is the “kenwood”

But then the charger was a Chinese plug, no holes it in, this furthered my suspension, I had to crack the radio open and see if this was in fact a fake, and you can clearly see it is in fact a fake.

No holes in the prongs and a cheap switching supply….
Cheaply packed in plastic with poor felling accessory’s

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